Vickie Guerrero On Being Comfortable As A Villain, Getting More TV Time Than Other Women During Her Run

Vickie Guerrero recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam and talked about how she made her villain turn work, saying she feels like she had a relatable character. Vickie says she didn’t really take to being a babyface character, and said she did enjoy some perks during her run as a ‘cougar’:

“I watched Eddie be a villain for years, the ‘Lie, cheat, steal’ and just the opposite of what he was in real life. They tried to have me as a good guy, and I was just bored. I was just like ‘I can’t do this’ and when they asked if I wanted to go back to being a bad guy, I was like ‘Yes! Let me have this again.’ It was comfort. Every woman has their bitchy side, and I think a lot of women related to me because of the way I could manipulate the roster. I got to make out with the younger guys; they hated me just for that because who gets to make out with John Cena and still go home and not be in trouble? I went skipping to the dressing room every night.” [laughs]

Vickie said while she was generally happy with her role on TV, the ladies’ locker room was a bit quiet in that situation. She says there could have been some jealousy due to everyone competing for TV time, but she tried to be humble and says she has no regrets about how things went.

“It was very quiet in there. Let’s face it, I was the bigger of the women—the women of that locker room were beautiful, size 0, long hair, these women are gorgeous—I was enthralled with how beautiful they were. So I was the bigger of the women in the locker room and for me to have this TV time and to earn this character that was a villain and a General Manager for both [RAW and SmackDown], there was a little bit of jealousy. I really tried to be humble and to have a good time out there. I’m getting a lot more TV time than the other girls—it does cause a bit of quietness in the locker room, but God blessed me with this talent and I did it for Eddie too, because he laid the path for me to be able to do this. I have no regrets and I took everything with confidence, but when I got to be pitched that I was going to be making out with John Cena or Edge or Dolph Ziggler, I was like ‘Oh OK, I guess I’ll do this for tonight. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine…’ It was a great night at the office every night, I went home with no stress on me. [laughs]”

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