Ric Flair Says He’s ‘Back In Action’, Fires Back At Shawn Michaels For ’30 For 30′ Remarks

Ric Flair took to YouTube to deliver an impassioned promo thanking doctors, the medical staff, his family and friends for the love and support while he was hospitalized. In the first part of the video, Flair talks about the mistakes he made, but all the friends he made too along the way. He praises his wife Wendy greatly and says he is who he is for better or for worse.

In the second video, Flair talks about the conversation he had with God, and thanks Jim Ross for what the commentary legend had to say on his ESPN 30 for 30. Flair then calls out fellow Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels for judging him and wants HBK to know about the old Richard Fliehr. Both videos are below as well as transcript of the second video:

“Until you have laid in that hospital bed, in a coma for twelve days and actually talked to God and begged for his mercy and begged him to forgive you cause you don’t know where you’re going. You don’t know if you’re ever going to wake up who have no idea what goes through your mind. I still will ask Wonderous Wendy, “Did this happen?” And she’ll say, “No, where did you get that?” Because that’s how bad it was! And I will never, ever be able to thank you, Jim Ross, for what you said on my 30 for 30, as mad as I was at you for saying it, because it’s the truth! I was irresponsible, I did have tax problems. One thing you’re wrong about, I never went upstairs alone! 100 Kamikazes, yes!

And Shawn Michaels, I’m sorry but you’re not in a position to judge me, buddy. Telling me I’ll never know who Richard Fliehr is? Really? You think I’ll ever know? I don’t know. Richard Fliehr, like I said before, was an irresponsible kid who was blessed with the greatest parents in the world, did everything wrong. And by the way, who are you to judge me? I mean, really? C’mon man, let’s get serious. You’ve opened the door, you opened the door, I’m giving it back to ya. Who are you to judge me? Are you kidding me? You idolized me and then all of a sudden – contempt? For what? For what you grew up loving and for what inspired you to be who you are? I don’t think so, man! Hey, and I want to say one more thing: again, Miz. Now Enzo Amore, Big Cass. People I know casually and people that I’ve become close too, because I love being young!”

You can’t stop me now, baby! I got my wheels on the ground. Once again, thank you for everything, thank you dear God, thank you the world, thank you, thank you! WOOOO!”


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