Dan St. Germain & Scott Chaplain On Ric Flair, Roasting Talent & The Starrcast Experience

Comedians and hosts of Total F’n Marks podcast, Dan St. Germain & Scott Chaplain were in attendance for Starrcast last Friday. The duo took the time to speak to WrestleZone about how their roasting plans changed after it was revealed Ric Flair wasn’t able to attend the event, who they would love to roast in the future, the wild intrigue of indie wrestling events and more.

The latest episode of their podcast, out today, will feature the two (along with Ron Funches, Mike Lawrence & Dan Soder) unveiling all the jokes that they had planned for “The Roast Of Ric Flair.”

On if they thought a replacement for the roast was coming:

DSG: “The one thing I talked to Conrad about—there’s no replacement for Ric Flair. There’s none at all. There’s really—even I say Vince Russo, like that’s not a replacement, unless you got to like throw vegetables at him or something? I don’t think there’s a replacement for Ric Flair. The only person that would come close would be Vince [McMahon], but Vince would never put himself in position.”

On who he and Scott Chaplin would love to roast in the future:

DSG: “Vince [McMahon]. 100%. That’s the wrestling movie that needs to be made, that’s the book that needs to be written, I mean he is the guy. He’s the closest we have to P.T. Barnum. He’s wrestling’s god, for good or for worse.”

SC: “Everything he said, but with David Arquette.”

On the process of getting a wrestling roast set up & the differences between roasting certain talent:

DSG: Well first of all, all the wrestlers were great sports. Like everybody, Bischoff was awesome, Jarrett was awesome, Bruce and Conrad were awesome. The one thing that we like, we got there and I don’t think that some of them didn’t know what a roast was? So it was like ten minutes beforehand and Bischoff was like, I’m like ‘You have your jokes?’ and he goes, ‘Oh, you ribbing me?’ I’m like, ‘No, no I’m not ribbing you.’

Flair’s different than Prichard because I think Prichard is more of a heat magnet and Prichard himself would say that, and I think Prichard would take it better than anybody else and he like relishes that role, but Flair is like the best of all time. So it’s tougher to roast a guy who’s the best of all time. That’s the thing you get nervous about and we were nervous about last year. Some of these guys have the ability to kick the shit out of you. You know? Like most of them do. Like I can take some of the fans that come to the convention but that’s about it. I’m still a fat guy with like a shitty ponytail.”

Chaplin on his favorite aspect of attending Starrcast as a fan:

SC: “My favorite thing about a thing like Starrcast even just a second ago, I got to see Jungle Boy and all this young talent who you can see it in your eyes, they’re freaking out. It’s just like the fans are and they’re just as shocked that Jerry Lynn is down the hall as we are and there’s something really cool at seeing that build and knowing that in years to come that they’re going to be the guys that everybody’s excited to see.”

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