205 Live Results (05/21/19): A Fatal-5-Way Match

Tonight’s episode of 205 Live was promised to be a big one from the start, as general manager Drake Maverick announced earlier today that the main event of the night would be a Fatal-5-Way match, starring Ariya Daivari, Mike Bennett, Oney Lorcan, Brian Kendrick, and Akira Tozawa.

Prior to that, however, the Singh Brothers stepped out into the ring. After mocking the Lucha House Party and challenging them to a match, the Brothers were surprised by Drake Maverick, who stepped out to announce that instead of the trio of superstars, the Singh Brothers would be taking on Jack Gallagher and Humberto Carrillo. During the match, both teams put on a great show for the crowd, with the Singh Brothers nearly coming away with a win a number of times.

Unfortunately for the Brothers, it wasn’t meant to be, as Gallagher and Carrillo were able to take down both brothers late, with Carrillo landing a big Aztec Press on Sihra and come away with the very short notice victory.

With the tag team match done, it was time for the main event, which would be a showcase for all five superstars to showcase why they are the best person to challenge Tony Nese for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. With Nese watching from backstage, all five competitors gave it their all, with Oney Lorcan looking extremely good from the start. However, Akira Tozawa – who had been knocked out earlier in the match – woke up at just the right time.

Not only was Tozawa able to knock everyone out by attacking them outside of the ring, but he also nearly took down Ariya Daivari with a great German Suplex. Unfortunately for him, chaos soon broke out, as all five superstars made their way back into the ring and began brawling.

After all five competitors spent nearly 25 minutes taking each other down, it was Daivari who was able to take down Oney Lorcan with a Hammerlock Lariat, and looked to be ready to win. In a last-second twist, however, it was Tozawa who was able to slide back into the ring and quickly pull up Daivari, wrapping him up and pinning him for the surprise victory.

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