WWE SmackDown Live Results (5/21/19)

WWE SmackDown Live ResultsWWE SmackDown Live Results

May 21, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Backstage, Elias apologizes to Shane McMahon for losing at Money in the Bank. Elias offers to help Shane at Super Showdown. Shane says he will handle Roman Reigns himself.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods walk out on the ramp to announce Big E. has returned. Woods brings a guy out with a sheet on his head. Woods pulls the sheet off and hits some guy dressed as Big E. Woods and Kingston kick the guy off the ramp. Big E. Does the New Day entrance and dances out on the stage. Big E. says he missed his boys and the WWE Universe. Kingston says this past Sunday Brock Lesnar became Mr. Money in the Bank. Woods says, more importantly, Kingston defended the WWE Championship against Kevin Owens. Kingston says tonight isn’t about him. It’s about Big E. Owens interrupts. Big E. yells at Owens to get out because this is his party. Sami Zayn joins Owens on the ramp. Zayn complains about Big E. getting a big return spot when Zayn got nothing. Owens hands Zayn his mic and walks away. Woods plays the trombone to drown out Zayn’s complaining.

Backstage, Carmella is looking for R-Truth. R-Truth has on a Daenerys wig. R-Truth asks Carmella to help him. Everyone is looking for R-Truth.

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