How The Formation Of The Bar Could Have Extended Sheamus’ In-Ring Career, Kofi Mania Commences On Celtic Warrior Workouts

How The Bar Could Have Extended Sheamus’ In-Ring Career

After last night’s RAW, it looks to be leaning that The Bar may have wiped down their counters and closed up shop as one of WWE’s top tag teams. You could almost hear Semisonic’s “Closing Time” as Cesaro made his way to RAW to compete in solo action against another new RAW roster member in Cedric Alexander.

Sean Ross Sapp of reflected on what a terrific run the duo has had together and said how the pairing could have potentially saved Sheamus‘ in-ring career as he deals with spinal stenosis.

Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of the the space in between your spine and is a result of ongoing wear and tear of the body. It can cause weakness, numbness and back pain and usually occurs in the neck or lower back.

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Kofi Mania Commences On Celtic Warrior Workouts

Sheamus however, keeps chugging along and he most recently does so with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston in his latest edition of Celtic Warrior Workouts.

WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here… When I got in the gym with New Day supremo Kofi Kingston he’d won just about every WWE title there is apart from the WWE Championship. Fast forward a few weeks and Kofimania has taken over and he’s WWE Champion. So excuse the continuity, I’m new at this TV presenter thing.

Also, the full version on this video is about 2 hours long as myself and Kofi got to reminiscing about the good FCW old days before we got to the main roster. But we still got a good Arms and Shoulders workout in before Mr. Kingston destroyed me with a killer 6 minute Abs session. Oh and a big shout-out to Charles Robinson on cameras! Lastly, with the whole WWE roster behind him and Kofimania running wild, Kofi Kingston & The New Day are still changing & evolving, heading into a brighter future thanks to their ability to… Brave Change.