Maryse Reveals If She’s Planning On WWE Return After Having Her Second Child

WWE stars The Miz and Maryse recently spoke to Hollywood Life to promote the second half of season one of USA’s ‘Miz & Mrs.’ During the interview, the pair talked about a potential WWE return for Maryse once she has her second child. They also discussed what to expect in the second half of season one for ‘Miz & Mrs.’

Check out the highlights here:

Possible WWE Return For Maryse After Giving Birth To Their Second Child:


You never know,” Maryse said. “I’m not even thinking about it right now because I just honestly want to enjoy my life and my pregnancy. Now that I have Monroe and I’m pregnant again, honestly it goes by so fast.


She came back faster than any mother has ever came back to WWE after Monroe, so you really never know!


I think that the WWE values me, and I’ve been with them for over 15 years on and off, so, I would honestly say I don’t know, and I’m open to it, but we’ll have to see.

What To Expect In The Second Half Of Season One For ‘Miz & Mrs.’:


I’m excited for people to see Monroe, and her growth, from a 4-month old to an 11-month old. There’s so much that happens with a baby that you don’t realize, and I think a lot of people can relate to. You’ll get to see new characters, my mom, my dad… and Marjo, Maryse’s mom, is always an absolute character.

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