Miz & Maryse Discuss “Miz & Mrs.” Before New Episodes Return In April

While the Miz is currently locked into a heated rivalry with Shane McMahon in the ring, the “Awesome One” is getting ready for more episodes of his reality show, “Miz & Mrs.” The last of the show’s first six episodes aired in August and the continuation of the first season will debut April 2. These new episodes will likely feature Maryse’s pregnancy, which the couple announced on-air at WWE Elimination Chamber.

In an interview with the Lincoln Journal Star, the Miz and Maryse discussed the show. According to the Star’s Scott Fishman, the couple realized the show was at its best when the couple acted like themselves. “We realized the more real it is, the funnier it is,” said the Miz. “We just tried to keep it as real as possible while making sure the audience is entertained at all times.”

During the interview, Maryse reflected on how raising children has impacted her career. “When I had Monroe, I thought about slowing down a little bit,” said Maryse. “I was back on SmackDown Live… and had my first match five months after. Now I think about slowing down, and I got pregnant again.”

Both the Miz and Maryse said that juggling the show and their other responsibilities has taught them how to prioritize and organize. “Before I would say yes to everything because that is the type of person I was,” said the Miz. I wanted to be the hardest worker. Now it’s still being the hardest worker, but also working smarter.” Maryse shared similar feelings. “I think we are good at reorganizing everything…,” said Maryse.” “Now we have to think about it and rearrange things.”

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