Marty Jannetty Doesn’t Like The Term Ring Rat, Talks Iron Sheik Assaulting A Woman

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Women were one of the perks for wrestling stars of the ’80s and Marty Jannetty was no stranger to them. In an interview with The Hannibal TV, Jannetty discussed why he disliked the term “ring rat,” being a true player, and when Iron Sheik assaulted one of his regulars after a night of partying went awry.

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Why he doesn’t like the term “ring rat”:

The way we used to work, you always got your girls that are your regulars. I don’t like to call them “rats” or “groupie.” Although, groupie is better than rat. Why put them down? Jake “The Snake” said that we call our fans marks, but we’re the ones working our ass off to make them enjoy themselves. Why would you put the girls down?

On being a true player:

You always have your regulars and a true player knows how to play. You keep your girls separated. You get to the club, keep them far apart as you can and you make your rounds. Tell them you’ll be right back and are getting a drink.

On this particular night, the girls had wisened up. They knew that I was playing around and they were bringing their own girls with them. Thinking, “If I bring her with me, he’ll stick around to try to get with my girl.” It happened a lot, actually.

What happened in Des Moines, Iowa, with Sheik:

We were in the club and I had my regular girl there. She was pretty good. I told Shiek, “Would you keep an eye on her?” He knew what the game was. He goes, “Marty, of course. You don’t have to ask me twice.” Because I saw a new girl and wanted to talk to her. An hour or so later, I don’t know what happened but I’m in a room with that new girl enjoying life and there’s a knock on my door. I’m thinking who could this be? Just let me be with this girl. I open the door and there are people wearing cop hats. I’m like, “Which boy is ribbing me?” But it’s the real cops! They said, “Where is Khosrow?” They actually said the Shiek’s name. I said, “Who are you talking about?” They go, “You know exactly who that is. We’re very aware of you, Marty Jannetty. We know you are friends with the Iron Sheik.” I said I didn’t know where he was and they said, “If you find him. You let us know.”

Once I shut the door, I remembered that I left him with a girl downstairs. What the hell. I waited for the police to leave, then I told the girl I’d be right back and I went [to figure out what happened]. I walk out and I see the girl I left with him in a gurney. They’re pushing her to an ambulance.

I’m shocked and I knock on Shiek’s hotel door. He goes, “Marty, please calm down. Sit down. Have a seat and let me explain. Marty, you know how you tell me to look out for girl. I look out for girl. She was tired, so I gave her a little cocaine to pick her up. Then she get too high, so I give her pills to bring her down. I give her drinks, I give her pills, and then she goes, ‘Where’s Marty?’ No offense, but I say, ‘Fuck Marty! Did Marty give you cocaine? Did Marty give you pills?’ and then I give her short clothesline.” I’m like Sheik, “She’s on a gurney and going to the hospital!” He goes, “Marty, she moved. She not know how to work!”

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Transcription by Senior Editor Tyler Treese.

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