Marty Jannetty Talks About Virgil & Lanny Poffo’s Autofellatio Skills

marty jannetty

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Wrestling locker rooms used to be quite the wild affair. In an interview with The Hannibal TV, Marty Jannetty discussed a set of particular skills that Virgil and Lanny Poffo had. Check out the highlights below.

On rumors that Virgil can perform autofellatio:

What I did see from Virgil…I was [seeing] a Milwaukee girl at the time. Me and Virgil were rooming together at the time, and I love Virgil. He’s crazy, but I love him. He’s got a ding-a-ling, bro. We wouldn’t even shower near him because if he’d turn around too fast it would hit us! My Milwaukee girl at the time, I told her we’ll stay together another month or two, but you gotta get in bed with him. This is terrible, you know I’m going to hell, right?

Virgil’s ding-a-ling, it hangs down by his knees, but it’s the weirdest thing. I don’t know if all black guys are like this, I don’t try to get with black guys, but when Virgil would get hard, it’d get thicker but it would [pull up]. The reason I know this is that when he got with the Milwaukee girl, and I wasn’t trying to watch, but I see Virgil over there and it’s up there by his neck! I knew I would never be with that girl again.

His story about Lanny Poffo demonstrating his skills:

We were in Houston Texas. Somebody asked him, “I heard you could suck your own dick. Can you still do it?” He goes, “Dunno. Haven’t done it in a while.” It’s a locker room and there’s a bunch of us [there]. He goes, “I’ll give it a try.” He starts cracking his back and twisting. Then he finally goes [and does it]. It was quick. Just like that.

Shawn Michaels got mad at him. “You only got the tip in!” When he said it we were all laughing. Then Hogan walks in, and he goes, “What’s going on guys?” We tell him that he just sucked his own dick, and he responds, “And I’m trying to help him get a push…”

Transcription by Senior Editor Tyler Treese.

Check out the full video below:

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