Silo Demolition In Denmark Fails And Takes Out A Library In The Process

Photo: emholk (Getty Images)

I know that at the moment Denmark is probably a pretty nice place to live in. Plus, other countries aren’t laughing at them at the moment. Well, the latter may not be entirely true because a lot of folks are laughing at them because of one recent giant fail.

According to UPI, a 174-foot-tall silo was ready to be demolished in Vordingborg when something went very, very wrong. You see, when that silo blew up it wasn’t supposed to have an effect on any other structures around it. The problem? The silo instead fell in the wrong direction and completely damaged a library in the process. Won’t somebody think of the books?!

Take a look at the crazy video below:

Well damn. Now where will kids get their books? Well, I guess they can go to Amazon. And about 100 other places. But still, that library didn’t hurt anyone.

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According to Major Mikael Smed, no one was hurt because of the silo fail, so that’s obviously the best news from this incident. And because of that we are all allowed to laugh at Denmark for today.