‘Ruin My Search History’ will Make the Government Think You’re in ISIS

Image Credit: PHILIPPE HUGUEN / Getty Images

Ruin My Search History, a site that says it will “ruin your Google search history with a single click,” is the first step towards being monitored by the government for those brave enough to use it.

The site, which was posted to the subreddit r/InternetisBeautiful, is a dangerous tool that effectively takes control of the user’s browser, transporting them to Google before inputting a series of increasingly troubling searches. 

The searches are initially pretty innocuous, with “why doesn’t my poo float” and “homemade lube” making the user look a little bit odd at best, though eventually they shift into more problematic territory, with “penis remove dog how to” and “ways to kill someone hypothetically” effectively making you look like a downright deviant. After this, it then gives your search history a more incestuous/terrorist vibe, with searches including “attracted to mother why” and “is incest illegal in the United States” being followed by “ISIS application form,” “how to join ISIS” and “cheap Syria flights.”


This is what the site looks like, for those not brave enough to click on it.

The dangers of clicking on the Ruin My Search History button are so potent, in fact, that the subreddit’s moderators have had to put a warning up for all users, after the post linking to the site made its way to the front page of r/all. With many complaining that the site shouldn’t be given such prominence on Reddit, the mods stated that they “disagreed” with this opinion, but added a warning that “This site will for real fuck up your Google search history with tons of searches, some of them are distasteful or might get you on a list somewhere.”

With all this in mind, you can take a look at Ruin My Search History right here. Click the button if you’re brave enough.