Kobalt Power Tools Offer 24 Reasons to Upgrade

Kobalt upped its power tools game this year, and you don’t need to rely just on my extensive testing of their new line for proof. There’s mathematic support underpinning this drill, driver, and saw-based theorem.

For this year’s Kobalt line, the tool manufacturer kicked up its interchangeable, rechargeable, lithium ion battery design from 18 to 24 volts. To the initiated, that might seem like no big deal. What’s a few volts between friendly tools? But the intention behind that battery improvement is to increase efficiency and reliability. A well-powered tool is a more useful tool, allowing the user to work with much more confidence and aggression.

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Bottom line? The last I looked, 24 volts was more than 18 or 20 – and that’s the range on what other power tool manufacturers are currently offering. Kobalt applied the 24 volt battery system across its hand power tool line.

Kobalt is the official, in-house tool brand for Lowe’s. During a special press event at one of the store chain’s major distribution centers in Las Vegas, Lowe’s and Kobalt reps came together and invited the media to try out the full range of new 24 volt products. The products evaluated here are available as a set or as individual units. Regardless, the 24-volt battery and charger operate across the set.

Kobalt 24-Volt Max 6-1/2-in Cordless Circular Saw Brake This circular saw offers a comfortable weight for sing hand use and  the same cut capacity as a 7-1/4-in blade. Its brushless motor packs 5,400 and cuts out thanks to an automatic electric brake. Kobalt reports the new 24-volt saw delivers up to 50% more power and up to 3.6 times more run time than the previous model.

Kobalt 24-Volt Variable Speed Cordless Reciprocating Saw: Well-balanced and solid in the hands, this reciprocating saw uses a 24-volt max brushless motor and a variable-speed trigger. In this case, the new battery pack pushes the saw to (again) 3.6 times more run time than the Kobalt 18-volt tools.

Kobalt 24-Volt Max Lithium Ion (Li-ion) 1/2-in Cordless Brushless Drill: With a two-speed gearbox (0 to 550 and 0 to 2,000-RPM), this new drill lists an LED work light, keyless all-metal chuck, 23 position clutch plus drill function, a variable-speed trigger and a brushless motor rigged to run three times longer than the previous incarnation.

Kobalt 24-Volt Lithium Ion (Li-ion) 1/4-in Cordless Variable Speed Brushless Impact Driver: With a brushless motor offering up to 1,800 in-lbs. of torque while providing up to 5 times the motor life, this driver utilities those same numbers — up to 50% more power and up to 3.6 times more run time.

Kobalt 24-Volt Max 200 Lumens LED Handheld Rechargeable Battery Flashlight: Putting to work the same 24-volt battery, this utility flashlight produces 200 lumens from a rotating head with 235 degrees of rotation.

While capable of more heavy duty, daily use with its new 24-volt kick, the Kobalt line of tools is aimed squarely at the consumer market over the labor construction sector — making any of these options a strong contender for a cozy place in any man’s workshop. Since the 24-volt angle is a prime selling point, we’re likely to see more Kobalt blue in our nation’s garages.


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