Perfect Pairings | Backpacks & Boardshorts

In order to have the adventure of a lifetime, you only need a few key items. Let us not forget the true essentials: some cash, your ID, sunscreen, raw denim (it actually doesn’t even require washing), a few good white tees (wash those), and for completely unexpected hot tub encounters of an outside-your-reality kind, boardshorts.

Reality being, all you really need to get going fits (or should fit) in a simple, yet durable backpack. But while you’re packing those items you can’t live without, pack one you could, but shouldn’t want to: classy, stylish boardshorts. 

X Marks the Spot


Photo: Backpack, Jansport; Boardshorts, Banks.

Or in this case, hashtags and polka dots. The Hatchet Special Edition Backpack by Jansport, $70,  features outdoor styling components like the nylon organizer threads down the front, but this bag is perfect for the city – with a 15″ laptop holder. Pair with a white tee, along with the Dotty Boardshorts by Banks, $65. Part of the poolside collection, these are good both in and out of the water. Made with recycled polyester, these shorts are good for you, good for nature. 

Grey Knight


Photo: Backpack, Herschel Supply Co.; Boardshorts, Quiksilver.

White backpacks look good. White backpacks make you leery of every piece of dirt you ever encounter on any piece of ground you ever put said white backpack. Try the Iona Backpack, $64.99, by Herschel. With grey at bottom, and top (i.e. where your mitts will be opening and closing it), this is the only way to wear a white bag and not live in a continual stressed state, or with a dirty bag. 

On the boardshort front, for those of you who digress on subscribing to the 15″ craze, Quiksilver still has you covered. More than covered. Try the New Wave Markings 19″ Boardshorts, $55, for a to-the-knee fit. 

Lobster Ravioli 


Photo: Backpack, Nixon; Boardshorts, United by Blue.

The Scout Backpack, by Nixon, $60,  is built for the long haul. Made of 100% coated polyester, with a full grain suede leather base, this bag is road trip ready. Pair it with the Stillwater Boardshorts, $68, by United by Blue. Made of recycled polyester & spandex, these lightweight, durable boardshorts and made with 4-way stretch to ensure for max comfort. 

The Jungle Book


Photo: Backpack, Captain Fin; Boardshorts, The Critical Slide Society.

The pack Mule Cinch Top Bag, $79, by Captain Fin is all business. Skip packing your wet clothes and instead use the super handy wet/dry bag with a clamp roll top. Just because those boardies are wet, doesn’t mean all your other stuff needs to be as well. If you’re looking for a new pair to partner with this tech backpack, look no further than the Comrade Boardshort in camo, by The Critical Slide Society, $79.99. With a cotton poplin elastic waist, and all over scribble camo print, these 16″ boardshorts look particularly good while on vacation in a land far, far away.