OS X Could Soon Become MacOS According to Apple FAQ

Apple accidentally dropped a big clue that OS X could soon transform into MacOS, with the company listing it as such in an FAQ page.

The mistake, which has since been deleted, was spotted by 9to5Mac on the tech giant’s new Environment page, suggesting that Apple’s Mac operating system will soon fall in line with the company’s watchOS, tvOS, and iOS in terms of its branding. While it may well have been an error on behalf of the individual who penned the paragraph, it makes sense that Apple would be looking to rebrand its desktop operating system, ensuring that it falls in line with the company’s other software.

The MacOS reference included in the FAQ was swiftly switched to OS X, but you can take look at it in the screenshot below:


This isn’t the first hint that Apple is looking to change the name of OS X. Earlier this month, a document found within OS X’s System folder named “FUFlightViewController_macOS.nib” also suggested a possible dropping of the “X.” 

Apple has yet to officially outline any plans to change the name of this operating system, but it’s now looking more likely than ever that the company will finally move away from its outdated, 15-year-old branding.