Ford Taking Owner Applications for GT Supercar

If you a passion for speed, performance and technology — and if you have about $400,000 in reserve — you now have the chance to apply to own the new Ford GT supercar.

That price tag was estimated up until now, but with the new website live, the exact price of custom ordering the eagerly awaited GT will come into focus.

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Applications for the supercar may be submitted starting April 13th for the first two years of production. That’s 500 vehicles, so you’ll note Ford isn’t calling this a site to “order” a car. It’s for the chance to apply to own a car. Once 500 customers willing to pony up about 10 times what they would pay for a pony car sign on the digital line, Mr. 501 is out of luck.

Also, since only 500 will roll off the line for its mid six fixture price, each buyer can custom configure their vehicle for bespoke assembly. A new Ford GT Concierge Service will greet the serious buyer to lead him or her through the purchase process.


The latest incarnation of the Ford GT aspires to be the first environmentally conscious supercar from an American automaker. Ford stepped away from the V12 or V10 engines. They even said no to eight cylinders. The GT will push north of 200 mph with a supercharged Ford 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 Engine capable of 600 horsepower.

Henry Ford III, Global Ford Performance Marketing Manager, was on hand during the big announcement. He says there hasn’t been a backlash from supercar enthusiasts or would-be buyers about that V6 engine.

“We have seen an amazingly positive response to the Ford GT with its 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 Engine,” Ford said. “There was some initial surprise that we chose to fit a V6 engine rather than a V8, but this is a race winning EcoBoost engine, and its remarkable power density and compact size is what allowed such a unique and functional shape for the all-new Ford GT.”

The automotive media community will be taking bets all day on April 13 to see how long it takes for the first 500 GTs to find homes.