Fans of London Contest Continues with Surprise Videos

If you’re an anglophile — or if you have a case of what could only be called “Londonophilia,” to make up a completely nonexistent word — you still have the opportunity to pick up a luxury trip to the UK capital to obsess over William Shakespeare, Harry Potter, The Royal Family or British rock n’ roll. 

The Fans of London contest teams the city fathers up with British Airways and Hilton Hotels to offer all-inclusive trips to the city with a specific focus on special events anniversaries headed to town this year.


The Harry Potter world will see its first West End play – Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – arrive for a year’s run on July 30. It’s also the 400th birthday of Shakespeare, if you want to get the Bard a card. Finally, punk music is celebrating its 40th anniversary with Punk Fest and Punk Festival London.

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To unveil the level of passion some fans bring to their worship of such fan-friendly elements of UK art and popular culture, the Fans of London contest is regularly unveiling videos spotlighting some of the more dedicated enthusiasts. You can catch a look at a prime exhibition of Harry Potter obsession here, and an international love letter to Shakespeare here.

The Fans of London contest remains open for entries from anywhere around the world through May 31, 2016.