NYIAS 2016: Toyota Prius Prime Sure to Attract, Confuse Eco Egos

If it’s possible for a line of consumer hybrids to have a halo car, Toyota may have introduced one during the press preview days of NYIAS 2016.

While it has a name that makes you wonder if it might turn into a robot, the 2017 Prius Prime will arrive as the successful hybrid’s top trim level.

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This latest version of Toyota’s big seller promises an estimated 120 MPG with an improved gasoline/electric hybrid engine. The interior will be enhanced with an upgraded infotainment system highlighted by an 11.6 inch HD display, a heads-up display and new wireless phone charging.

However, the real news here is the continued restyling of the Prius. Toyota is modernizing, streamlining and improving the look of the Prius, and it’s starting to looking just like a proper car now.


Make no mistake: This make and model was once an ungodly ugly car. In fact, I’ve held for a while now that the original Prius was designed to be intentionally hideous so greenie social justice warrior types who hated the internal combustion engine. They had to own a car by necessity because that evil engine built the world in which they live. So, they looked to drive a car that advertised how much they hated cars. Enter the Prius – of old.

Those days are over. Evidently, the Prius is so well-established that Toyota can just transform it into a decent looking vehicle. Meanwhile, all of this self-ennobling global warming bollocks is dying down now as the last thing Americans are worried about, so no need to lure in the eco-activists. Toyota focused on building a more attractive car that gets 100+ mpg.