Printemps numérique | Everything You Need to Know

Espace pour la vie – VERTIGES. Photo: Guillaume Poulin.

This week, Montreal begins its 3rd annual digital event, Printemps numérique, or “Montreal Digital Spring.” The event is the result of a partnership between the organization Printemps numérique and over 210 creative organizations, and aims to connect science, art and digital innovation within the city and across the world. The multiple exhibits began March 21 and runs until mid-June, featuring over 150 activities around Montreal.


Sympotium IX – SAT. Photo : Sébastien Roy.

Printemps numérique offers a variety of world-class events around the state and explores both old and new avenues of digital art. Each installation creates a different immersive experience that lets the audience feel the direct affects of the digital possibilities presented.

The activities, both exclusive and public, offer interactive spaces, visual performances, virtual immersive experiences, video games, 3D performances and explorations into the digital industry that has never before been accessible to the public. The result is contagious, and something Montreal has dubbed “Digital Fever,” a phenomenon in which people are both inspired and motivated to create as a result of the event. According to a report released by the Printemps numérique committee last year, 280,000 people were affected by this phenomenon.

LUMISOKEA, NOCTURNE 2 :: GLEAMINGS AND BEAMINGS Musée d'art contemporain - Les illustres compositeurs expérimentaux et experts en intermédia réunis ici se sont donnés comme mission de nous éblouir dans ce programme principalement axé sur la lumière. Ces artistes peu enclins à s'exposer eux-mêmes aux feux de la rampe sont plutôt attirés par des jeux de tension et vibrations appliqués à un registre d'activités abstraites, synesthésiques, géométriques ou stroboscopiques. Préparez-vous à être séduits et surpris par leur palpitante panoplie de faisceaux extrasensoriels et de (dé)constructions rythmiques.

MUTEK 2015. Photo: Hayeur.

The City of Montreal, alongside the Quebec government is backing the event up to $250,000. This investment not only strengthens the efforts to establish Montreal as a capital of digital creativity in the world, but also makes a bold statement regarding the government’s role in funding creativity and promoting its importance in the city.

”The event Digital Spring lets Montreal position itself as a world capital of digital creativity. Montreal is privileged to count on an exceptional pool of creative talent in the city, especially in the digital arts, video game production and visual effects. It is therefore essential to support its development,” said the mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre.

MÉTROPOLIS 2 :: DYNAMIC DUALITIES Métropolis samedi 30 mai En invitant sur scène une série de duos influents, MUTEK pousse la notion de collaboration vers de nouveaux sommets pour ce Métropolis 2 qui réserve bien des surprises. D'irréprochables piliers de la techno aux aces de la basse, ces collaborateurs émérites promettent des duels sonores de premier ordre.

MUTEK 2015. Photo: Dalati-Vachon.

When you look at some of the activities, projects and events that are part of the program, it’s easy to see why so many people are inspired. Of special note is the 17th iteration of MUTEK, a five day electronic music and audiovisual arts festival that brings together a stunning array of international performers and emerging talent. Running from June 1 to June 5 at various indoor and outdoor locations downtown, a look at the line-up reveals an exhilarating concentration of artists from all over the world.

World-class activities like this not only spurs conversation, inspiration and pride among the locals of Montreal, but also promotes tourism and reinforces Montreal’s position as a leader in digital creativity and collaboration.


Akousma 2015 – Valerio Tricoli. Photo: Caroline Campeau.

“Montreal is buzzing with creative intelligence. The richness and diversity of the cultural offer of our city contribute to the economic strength of the Montreal tourism activity. Tourisme Montréal , a partner of the first hour of digital Spring, is very proud to contribute to the growth of digital artists to express their creativity that makes our city a creative capital so attractive for tourists, “said Yves Lalumiere, President and CEO of Tourisme Montréal .

You can find more details about the program, including a schedule of events and list of organizing partners on their website at

CREDIT Centre Phi

Photo: Centre Phi.

Photos provided by Printemps numérique.