The Ghosts Of Grammys Fashion Past

The Grammys are known for its musical performances and often controversial acceptance speeches, but they’ve also become a fashion night to remember. Grammys fashion is not only about the red carpet arrivals, but the multiple wardrobe changes that both women and men now make throughout the evening. These fashion statements reflect a movement in men’s fashion never before seen. From the casual to the formal, it has become as styling parade of epic proportions.

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Musicians are now on “fashion alert” to make multiple wardrobe changes throughout the festivities. These transformations move from the formal to casual in the blink of an eye. Musicians have long been making an artistic impact on fashion designers and setting fashion trends, but they’ve also started fashion lines of their own and star as the faces of major brand campaigns. 

Here are some of our favorite music-makers in all their sartorial glory, as well as some outfits in the past that made us seriously worry: 



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