The 4 Best Accessories of 2015

Talking about accessories can be an underwhelming subject, but those things you wear just about every day and replenish in your wardrobe on the regular are super important. If the clothes make the man, the accessories make him stand out. Check out our shortlist of the best casual, cool, affordable accessories of the year.

Photo: Stance

Stance Socks casually appeared in the marketplace with a high quality product, in unexpected styles and colors. Since then, Stance Socks have exploded in the marketplace with some of the most coveted partnerships know to Earth. Rihanna, the NBA, Star Wars (even though everyone has a partnership with them), and more recently Harley Davidson are just to name a few. If you aren’t wearing these yet, we’re judging you.

Photo: Knockaround

We’ve been trying to tell you but if you’re not on the Knockaround Sunglasses train yet, then we guess late is better than never.

Knockaround is the little brand that could out of San Diego, California. (Could there be a more relevant HQ for a sunglass company? No.) This manufacturer creates super stylish, super durable (I put mine through the ringer endlessly) shades in every color under the sun and for very few dollars. Take the Matte Black Polarized Sunset Fort Knocks pictured here, they’re just $30. Premiums will only run you $20-25, and their newer model the Mai Tais, just $20.

The real challenge is to snag a coveted Limited Edition pair, but – word to the wise – pay attention to those press releases that they’re coming because once they’re out, they’re gone, in a snap of a finger (or rather a click of the mouse.)

Photo: Miansai

Miansai has a whole slew of pretty rad goods that we’d like to pick up, but it’s their simple yet uber stylish anchor bracelets that we can’t live without. They’re made in a number of iterations, but our favorites are those that feature nylon rope which reminds us of those classic friendship bracelets of childhood. Only this is grown up. The great thing about the accessory is that while you could take it off when you say shower or jump in a pool, this wrist candy is only going to get better looking, and more rugged, with some serious wear.

Photo: Sock It To Me

Sock It To Me has a bit secret for 2016: the launch of their underwear line. Why is it so great? Well not only is the men’s underwear scene a little lackluster creatively, but very rarely do you see an ecomm brand that is focused on fit. Sock It To Me is bringing some fun and exciting prints to the men’s undergarment world, but also one that gives detailed stats on their models so that you know what size to pick up. Head over to their ‘Buy Together Lab’ to get the same colorway on your underpants, as you get on your socks.


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