Collections | Palmiers du Mal : Spring/Summer 2016

Photo: Simon Cave.

New York City-based menswear label Palmiers du Mal recently introduced their latest collection for Spring/Summer 2016. But with the unseasonably warm weather happening on the east coast right now, this collection is almost totally appropriate to hang out in today if you so choose. Palmiers du Mal, translated as “The Palms of Evil”  is a resort brand constructed by artisans in New York and Italy, that draws inspiration for this collection from the Bohomme­, a kinetic creative male searching for inspiration as he travels the globe.

Continually inspired by travel, sex, wanderlust, and an inherent need to create, Palmiers du Mal suits the life of the nomadic artists, writers, musicians, gypsies, and philosophers who roam the world freely and elegantly. Sounds like a pretty exciting lifestyle, right? With a core focus on creating garments that complement a Utopian existence spent seeking inspiration, careening from one bohemian enclave to another, essentially this guy is a world traveler who’s stylishly inspired by his surroundings. But don’t worry, if you’re not one of the free spirited creatives who can afford to jet set on the regular, there’s still something in the collection that can easily flow into your wardrobe. 

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With the idea of universal luxury operating somewhat roguishly outside the established paradigms of traditional menswear tailoring, new standout pieces in this collection –  such as the drop-crotch linen harem pants (offered in a washed-down upholstery linen, along with a more traditional quality linen construction), an intricately striped short sleeve sweatshirt and drop-crotch short combo, and a new cotton/Scottish cashmere blended Italian Smoking Jacket –  add a more global touch to Palmiers du Mal’s Spring 2016 line. 


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