Top Five Most Expensive Cars in the World

“If money was no object, what car would you buy?”

It’s a question men ask each other frequently — usually when they’re on their way to a real life showroom to buy their next Ford, Toyota, Mazda, etc. They can get a fine car at any such dealership, but they’re headed that way because money is most definitely an object in most of our lives.

But, whether we’re talking Middle Eastern oil sheiks, Russian oligarchs or Silicon Valley “nerds made good,” there are those people on the planet whose bank accounts make them the chosen few who really can consider buying the most expensive cars in existence.

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Any car could theoretically be one of the most expensive cars in the world, if you think about it. If you took that beater you drove back in high school, gilded the doors, gave it hand-stitched unicorn hide seats and glued diamonds to platinum door handles, it could come out worth a fortune. But, we’re focusing on the top five most expensive cars directly from the manufacturer — cars built to be immensely expensive from the moment they’re designed.

I stopped at five in the gallery below because after that fifth entry, they start to blend together. Once you clear the $2 million dollar mark, a lot of vehicles crowd in there a $100,000 or so apart here and there. Once you’re quibbling about a hundred large, life becomes so banal.

Top Five Most Expensive Cars in the World