Best Places to Buy Collectible Sneakers Online

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Collectible sneakers are hot. Retro, vintage, or even rare editions and one-offs are all the rage these days, and for sneaker heads there’s nothing like the feeling of finally tracking down that limited edition sneaker that you just can’t find anywhere.

Problem is, they’re not the easiest things to find.

In a world of mass produced sneakers, there are very few limited editions from big name brands that are truly collectible. Those that are are typically scooped the minute they’re found, and outside of pricey auctions and the rare accidental finds collectible sneakers are difficult to obtain. But, if we wanted an easy hobby, we’d take up knitting right? We’re sneaker heads, and half the battle is in the hunt.

Here are the best places to buy collectible sneakers the next time you’re on a sneaker binge.

Where To Buy Collectible Sneakers Online


Believe it or not, the same online retailers that sells books, DVDs and just about everything under the sun is also one of the best places to buy rare and collectible sneakers. That’s not to say they’ll have everything you’re looking for, but if you’re looking anyway, this isn’t a bad place to begin.


Online auctions are a tremendous resource for the sneaker collector. eBay is the biggest auction site of them all, and they’re sure to turn up some rare finds from time-to-time if you happen to be around to spot them. That said, only the suckers are continually checking eBay for a particular pair of sneakers. The pros are setting alerts so that they’re instantly notified if the pair they’re looking for goes up on the site.

Or, you can just browse. The one downside of online auctions is that you can’t physically look at the shoes to make sure they are exactly what you want. Be sure to check if the shoes you are considering buying are authentic and not fake. There tend to be scams every once in awhile so double check.

Find Collectible Sneakers on eBay


Don’t hold your breath here, but Craigslist is a decent resource if you know what you’re looking for. Some of my best sneaker finds were actually in other cities, and I was able to convince the seller to mail them to me. Use your best judgement, and try to stay safe in these transactions by using Paypal, but if you can convince someone to send you the shoe, then you’ve just opened up… well… the world basically.

If you use PayPal, you remain protected in you purchase should the seller balk at actually sending out the item. Just file a dispute and unless the seller can prove the item was sent and that you received it (with delivery confirmation), you’ll typically be awarded the cash you originally spent.

Find Collectible Sneakers on Craigslist


This one is popular amongst the most hardcore sneaker heads, but it remains a bit of a secret to everyone else. Kixify is an online marketplace that allows collectors to post their own sneakers, or to browse the collections of others. Prices are clearly marked, and you can sort by the most popular to see what other collectors are craving at the moment.

Find Collectible Sneakers on Kixify

Flight Club

Flight Club has been the most trusted source for buying and selling the rarest and most coveted sneakers, worldwide. You’ll find the most versatile selection of kicks from Air Jordan’s to Nike SB’s and they ship worldwide. If you live in Los Angeles or New York you can visit one of their shops and look at their sneaker collection in person.

You can even sell your sneakers by bringing them into the store or shipping  it to them. How it works is you list the sneakers you’d like to sell. Flight Club would then review them and help you set the best price using their experience & extensive data. Once approved you send your sneakers to them via insured and tracked packages or you can drop-off in person. They will store them for you until they sell. Once your sneakers sell, you will receive a check for 80% of your listing price.

Find Collectible Sneakers on Flight Club

Get out there and get your shop on.

Tell us your favorite places to buy collectible sneakers online in the comment section below.


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