Magic Leap Shows Off its Augmented Reality Technology for the Very First Time

Despite being a super expensive Google acquisition, Magic Leap have remained incredibly secretive when it comes to the augmented reality technology they’re creating. We were previously treated to a concept video that outlined the company’s plans for their head-mounted display (at least, we assume that it’s a HMD they’re developing), but it didn’t show us anything substantial in regards to what we should actually expect from the tech. However, now they’ve unveiled new footage shot directly through the Magic Leap technology, offering us our very first glimpse of what they’re creating without the use of special effects or compositing. 

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The footage features two different uses of the mixed reality device. The first is an adorable robot hovering beneath a desk, waving to the user. The second is an inaccurate but impressive rendering of the solar system, complete with a reflection mapped onto the table beneath it. As the user approaches the planets/Moon/Sun depicted in this AR recreation, they can make out finer details such as clouds rotating around the Earth, and the bubbling surface of the Sun.

Check it out below:

This is only a taster of what we should expect from the Magic Leap, and it doesn’t depict anything too mind-blowing, but it’s still an interesting look at the tech that Google hopes will prove to be more successful than its own venture into the world of AR, the ill-fated Google Glass project.