From Apple I to iPhone 6s: A History of Apple Products

Image Credit: David Paul Morris / Getty Images

There’s a lot of talk surrounding Apple at the moment, but then again, when hasn’t that been the case? One of the biggest success stories in tech, Apple’s humble beginnings through to its global dominance has been retold time and time again, and now we’re going to see the extraordinary life of one of its co-founders, the late Steve Jobs, once again brought to the big screen by Danny Boyle and with a screenplay penned by The Social Network writer Aaron Sorkin. We’ve already told you that the film is incredible, but the feats they’re achieving in the real world are similarly astounding.

We’ve now been told that the iPhone 6s has proved to break more records for the company, soaring past the first week sales of any previous iPhone, according to the company. With them also recently celebrating the surprising success of the Apple Watch, not to mention their revitalization of the iPad and Apple TV in upcoming new models of those particular product lines, the future is continuing to look bright for the Silicon Valley company.

But what are the products that have shaped the company as we know them today? Which devices have helped carry them to the great heights they currently enjoy? From the Apple I through to the aforementioned iPhone 6s, here’s a look at the most important hardware in Apple’s history: