Apple Showcases the “Future of Television” with Brand New Apple TV

Apple used its Apple Event today to discuss the brand new Apple TV, a revamped version of its digital media player that the company claims will be the “future of television.” 

Apple TV features a brand new Siri remote, which features a Siri button that allows the users to use the voice recognition software in order to browse the libraries of their subscribed movie/TV apps, utilizing its universal search feature. For instance, Siri can understand “show me funny TV shows” or “show me Jason Schwartzman moves” (two examples featured in the device’s commercial), and it will do just that.

The new Apple TV features a slicker UI, switching from a white to black background, and looks altogether much more functional. 

Siri will also allow users to perform a quick rewind, by asking “Siri what did he/she just say?” The remote will also allow users to fast-forward using its thumb pad. 

Apple pushed games hard during its unveiling of the Apple TV, showing off the iOS game Crossy Road being played using the device, along with a variety of other games. The games are controlled by turning the Apple TV’s remote sideways. It remains to be seen whether they’ll court a wide audience, but it’s safe to say that they won’t be troubling consoles, with them instead offering another way to play your favorite mobile games.

Another interesting feature of the Apple TV was the ability to use Siri to request sports scores and weather reports. Sticking with sports, Apple also highlighted how users could watch two baseball games at once using the MLB app, with a similar NHL app also on its way.

Apple TV will be available with 32GB of storage for $149, and with 64GB of storage for $199.