Best Streetwear Brands of 2015

Photo: Best Fashion Blog

Streetwear is a category of fashion that has been steadily growing since the late 80s and has now reached the point where the rough and tumble looks of former offerings has met with the high fashion world to offer up some truly remarkable clothing. In short, the niche as a whole is maturing, and its offerings are becoming nothing short of spectacular.

In a world where fashion is truly cyclical, and today’s fashions are quickly forgotten and then revamped years down the road while taking inspiration from both past stylings and modern trends, streetwear has grown up and the category as a whole is shaping modern culture as well as that of the biggest brands in the world.

Streetwear brands such as Phat Farm, FUBU and Echo may have helped pave the way, but the best streetwear brands of today are not only true to their past, but they have their eyes pointed into the future.

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Let’s take a look at some of the more exciting streetwear clothing brands on the market in 2015.

Best Streetwear Brands

Highstreet NYC

Highstreet is equal parts luxury fashion and true-to-its-roots streetwear. The birthplace of the streetwear niche is home to one of the best streetwear clothing brands on the scene today.

What some might forget, due to its refined offerings that bridge the gap between 90s hip-hop and a sort of refined Manhattan finesse, is the company is just two years old. Founder Jonathan Andrews credits the inspiration for the brand from people watching in his apartment overlooking Brooklyn’s High Street station subway stop. Since then, the brand has been nothing if not consistent in bringing quality streetwear offerings to boutiques and to the world via online sales.

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Stampd LA

Crossing coasts for a moment, Stampd is certainly making its mark on the streetwear scene in Los Angeles. The artistic approach is bordering on minimalistic, but the range of tees, snapbacks and sweats is true to the origins of the industry while offering up a fresh no look on what its future contains through the use of simplistic silhouettes and monochromatic color schemes.

Stampd is also one of the more affordable lines in the streetwear scene and they are out to prove that looking good doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

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Profound Aesthetic

Profound Aesthetic is a company that is on the move. They offer innovative designs and a classic spin on some of your old favorites such as parkas, pullovers and snap back caps.

This rapidly rising brand could be more minimal in approach than even the aforementioned Stampd LA. Their website, for example, is almost an homage to swiss design featuring design elements that remain decidedly muted while letting the fashion take the stage front and center. The clothing does the same. With quality materials, affordable prices, and designs that are sure to make them some of the most must own items of your 2015 wardrobe, it’s no wonder Profound Aesthetic is on the tip of everyone in the streetwear fashion industry. Even our guest editors The Chainsmokers rock Profound Aesthetic gear.

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The best streetwear brands will continue to push the envelope by bringing an edge to high fashion all while maturing in their own right. It’s an up-and-coming segment that sees great crossover between the hip-hop scene of the late 80s and 90s and the current millennial market segment that takes great pride in their unique ability to remain unclassifiable.