New Hercules Comic Launching This Fall From Marvel

Hercules Preview

Do you remember when Hercules was the most popular superhero in the world? Of course not! You’d have to be thousands of years old, and that’s totally outside of our demo!

But Hercules remembers. And in Marvel’s upcoming Hercules ongoing comic book series, the Son of Zeus is going to do everything that he can to reclaim the status that he once had. The new Hercules comic is being written by Dan Abnett, with art by Luke Ross.

“If Hercules has been around for thousands of years, we might look at his career in the Marvel Universe so far, say through the last 20 years or so of comic publishing, as slightly representative of that,” explained Abnett in an interview with Comic Book Resources. “He’s been a hero for longer than most people and he’s coasted. He’s had a few weeks off. Except in his terms that’s probably the best part of a century. That’s perfectly normal, but he’s become aware of the fact that people don’t look at him with the same awe that they do Captain America, or Iron Man, or Thor. They go, ‘Oh Hercules! He’s the funny one!’ In this Internet age, he’d be the one where you’d see the fail photographs of him at an event or doing something daft or whatever.”

Abnett added that Hercules is “an extraordinary hero who’s enormously capable, beloved by the gods, and will do anything to protect and look after you if he’s on your side. He’s also capable though of enormous foolishness, violent rage, and terrible decision making.”

However, Abnett also wanted to make it clear that the tone of Hercules won’t be too serious.

“This is not a grim and gritty take on Hercules,” said Abnett. “It’s going to be triumphantly celebratory of everything that Hercules has ever been, but it is him cutting back to basics and going, ‘Right, I need to get my act together again and prove that I’m a serious warrior and hero.’”

Hercules Cover

Hercules # 1 will be released in November 2015.

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