How to Grow an Epic Beard

It’s no secret that the beard has become a sort of male fashion accessory in recent years. For many of us, a truly epic beard may be out of reach, but if you’re one of the lucky ones that has his sights set on growing one, here are a few grooming tips to help you on your way.

If you want to learn how to grow a beard, follow the steps below.

Commit To Growing a Beard

Growing a beard isn’t for the faint of heart and requires quite a bit of commitment from those considering sporting one. If you’ve been shaving your entire life, or maybe sporting a bit of stubble on occasion, growing a beard is a different experience altogether. For one, unless you happen to grow facial hair exceptionally fast, it’s going to look a bit awkward while all of the bits and pieces grow together to form that amazing beard.

While there isn’t really much you can do during this phase, this is when most men give up. Once it reaches a few days worth of growth, many men start wondering if they should really keep going, or whether it’s time to grab the razor and give their face that baby-smooth look they’ve grown accustomed to.

Fear not, it gets better. Just stick it out.

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Embrace the Pain of Growing a Beard

A new beard feels like someone used your face to grow a baby cactus. It’ll be itchy, irritated and cause quite an unpleasant sensation for your significant other during the growing process. The prickly sensation subsides rather quickly, and as the hairs soften, it’ll become more pleasant for your significant other – who will also require a bit of an adjustment period. Kissing a man with a beard is quite different than one that is shaved smooth.

All-in-all, most men will see the worst of the pain and irritation subside after about two weeks. Some men recommend combing the beard during this process both to help with itchiness, and to ensure the hair grows in the same direction.

Take Care of Your Beard With Grooming Products 

It’s hair, and just like the hair on your head, it can become rather funky if it’s unkept. Dirt, grime and grease all get trapped in your facial hair, and without a daily dose of soap and water, the beard can become a little gross. If you find regular facial soap dries the skin under your beard (which can cause itchiness or flaking) then opt for a beard shampoo at your local beauty supply store, department store, or local barber. Here is a list of the best beard grooming products to help you take care of your beard.

If after a few weeks, the hair still feels too coarse, you can soften it up with a bit of beard oil. The beard oil adds moisture to the hair, which acts much like a conditioner for the hair on your head by softening and moisturizing it. Overall it just makes the beard look healthier.

Learn How to Style and Maintain Your Beard

There are dozens – or even hundreds – of styles for that new beard and whether it’s the full-on lumberjack or a more manicured approach that you decide on, it’s important to keep styling it as it grows.

After about a month, most men will have a beard that’s ready to be maintained. This is when you grab the comb and scissors, or trimmers, and begin to shape your face, jawline and neck and begin to rid yourself of uneven hair that makes your beard look unkept. Take a look at our review of the best beard and mustache trimmers and our guide on how to trim your out of control mustache.

Sometimes You Just Have to Throw In The Towel – Or Get Surgery

If you’re one of the unfortunate ones that can’t grow that epic beard, there isn’t really a lot of help for you out there. You can read all the “how to grow a beard” articles you’d like, but rest assured that some men are just incapable of it.

That said, while we can’t make your hair grow any faster, there are a few things you can do to make it thicker. Proper diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation have been shown to help support thicker hair, as have reduced stress levels. If all else fails, you can even get a facial hair transplant nowadays.

Hopefully this guide puts you well on your way to a truly epic beard. Remember, growing a beard is all about patience and maintenance. Commit and reap the rewards of that full and luscious beard.

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