Davidoff Cigars Lights Up New Escurio Brazilian Smoke

There was a happier time in this world when a man could enjoy a good smoke in public without being treated like a common criminal. There were wood-lined rooms filled with expensive, comfortable armchairs, surrounded by books and newspapers, where a man could sit in contemplative silence and reflect on anything he chose.

Then, adult males started worrying about glutens while wearing skinny jeans by actual choice. They started caring more about fantasy football than the actual game. They decided to let women vote (and, worse still, drive). They brag about their 2 cylinder hybrids and obsess over filling their hearts and opening their eyes (while opening their mouths and filling their pants). They ladle foam on their food and play video games well into their 30s. Worse still, they treat tobacco like a gateway virus to Ebola.

But, there is an upside that. The rich smoke of a good cigar can drive such bloodless weeds packing and on their way to their hot yoga classes. When proper men everywhere hit their knees tonight (after they pray for Brian Piccolo), they should give thanks that there are companies like Davidoff Cigars keeping civilization alive.

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The latest addition at Davidoff is the Escurio – a sophisticated, yet unmistakably aggressive Brazilian cigar offering a rich, smooth and spicy taste without any sharp burn on draw or exhale.

According to Davidoff’s own description, its team found the inspiration for the Escurio in Rio de Janeiro and the passion of its celebrations. It’s not too big a leap to figure the company also might want to sell a few cigars at next year’s Summer Olympics, but I might be looking too far ahead.

The Escurio cigar mixes Cubra leaves and dark Brazilian Mata Fina leaf tobaccos. Dominican filler tobaccos and a Habano Seed Ecuadorian wrapper finish the cigar. It comes in three sizes to fill wonderful, free moments of peace with a good cigar — a Petit Robusto, 50 RG x 31/4”; a Robusto, 54 RG x 4½”; and a Gran Toro, 58 RG x 5½”. 

I particularly enjoyed the Petit as its length allowed me to get a good smoke in less than 20 minutes — a time period that would’ve waste half of a common sized cigar.

Now available, the line comes in a Davidoff Escurio wooden cigar box in black with metallic foil, including 12 cigars and an etui of four cigars.


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