2015 Cadillac SRX SUV Piles on Affordable Luxury


When Cadillac made its mark on the massively popular small, urban SUV class, it decided to leave their offering within range of the aspirational buyer. The SRX luxury crossover kicks off with a starter MSRP of $37,605, offering all of the essential elements of the modern Cadillac.

There may be no hotter segment in the automotive world than the crossover. From luxury brands through mid-range consumer models, the small urban SUV is emerging past the large sedan as the primary choice for any driver looking for more comfort or more room to move limited cargo or a few more people around town. This 2015 SRX is a competitive player in that hot field with a cabin full of essential, convenient tech and an exterior that fits in with Cadillac’s aggressive styling language.

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While its trim levels run up to the $50,000 mark on the maxed out end, the base model seats five and uses a 3.6 liter V6 that produces 308 horsepower. That’s married to a six speed automatic transmission. That mix puts out enough power to get the SRX scooting in tight traffic or rolling along easily along highway runs. The MPG for each situation runs 17/24.


But, like most urban crossovers, the SRX is about driving comfort more than straight-line performance. The interior cabin is equipped to make certain the driver has everything he or she could need for carefree motoring, even at the lower trim levels. The buyer gets leather upholstery, power everything, heated seats, adjustable steering wheel, dual zone climate control, AM/FM/CD/Satellite, cruise control and full touchscreen infotainment.

Full Bluetooth connectivity unites your phone to the Cadillac in-dash app suites, brining additional functionality to the car’s onboard tech. In short, nothing the luxury buyer would expect is denied in a small SUV that’s not outside of the reach of the young professional.


The current Cadillac line unites under exterior style flares based on sharp angles, extended panels, metallic vents and tapered fenders. While the general SUV body makes some of those features difficult to include or highlight, but Cadillac makes an effort to squeeze in a few — serving up chrome-ish accents on wheels and intakes. Strangely enough, the SRX is that rarest of vehicles that might look best from behind. Regardless, it remains one of the more striking crossovers on the market (especially for the price).

During a weeklong test drive of the SRX, I found the vehicle entirely smooth and competent. It’s not particularly quick. It’s not meant to be fast. But, it’s not meant to possess those qualities. It’s for mainly urban transport and handles street, highway and freeway with equal ease. The ride doesn’t feel as heavy as one might expect, and the handling might not be laser tight — but there’s an undeniable Cadillac smoothness to the entire driving experience.

Of course, this is not an SUV for anything resembling off-road use. While a dirt road or two won’t send it packing, the SRX is setup for paved use primarily and will get you, your stuff, your family and your friends wherever you need them to go on that pavement in safety and comfort.

Most importantly, you can snag a big Caddy for less than 40 large.