The Father’s Day Mad Dash

Hedgren Bag

Are you one of those people who wait until the last minute to purchase gifts? Whether its Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas, you just can’t seem to be proactive about shopping? Don’t stress. There are many others just like you and for that reason, here’s a list of last minute Father’s Day gifts that will have him thinking you spent tons of time pondering over. Dad will love them. Plus, if you don’t tell him, he’ll never know you’ve become a procrastinator (if he somehow missed that during your youth).

Give Dad the gift of being exclusive this Fathers Day with a Hedgren Bag. It’s a popular popular European bag company that is now available in the U.S. Why not let your Dad be the first to carry one? They have a variety of fabulous totes, colorful handbags, backpacks, laptop/tech bags and travel gear. We put the Jamm Laptop Bag to the test and found it to be lightweight, comfortable to carry and incredibly spacious.

Hedgren bags are made of a signature nylon material in a number of colors and are perfect for an active Dad, a travel savvy Dad or the Dad who need a newer, cooler way to carry his laptop. The limited pieces available in the U.S. can be found on with more selections coming soon so if he’s a fan, maybe you can help him start a collection of Hedgren bags.


Who doesn’t need a new phone? Certainly Dad does. How else would we keep up with him? If he’s an active guy or maybe just prone to having accidents involving smartphones and water, the Sony Xperia Z3 is just the thing he needs. Spending the day at the pool or possibly a run in the rain (if he’s so inclined), this phone will perform wherever water is involved. It has one of the highest waterproof ratings on the market and as long as he doesn’t take the phone in water deeper than 4.9ft or for longer than thirty minutes, he will be an underwater photo taking genius. Unfortunately he can’t catch any cute photos of Nemo as the phone is not recommended for use in seat water or saltwater pools but hey, he can still have a blast poolside and be prepared for an unexpected spills.


Since we are on the subject of gallivanting by the pool, if you want to take Dad’s summer outdoor fun to the extremes this year, it’s time to get wet, wild & wireless with Monster’s new SuperStar BackFloat floating wireless speaker. He’ll love that! The super rugged and portable BackFloat is a great companion for river rafting and inner-tubing, camping, mountain biking, beach and pool parties. Basically, anywhere he might want to crank up the tunes and get the party started. Ie. Your Dad will be labeled the “Party Dad” and the life of the party.

The aptly named Backflat is available in Neon Blue or Neon green so he definitely won’t lose it. Imagine a speaker with powerful sound floating along next to Dad and his beer or cocktail. Sounds like you’ll be up for the “Kid of the Year” award this go round right? Backflat is both water resistant and shock resistant so it can also take the plunge with your Dad even in the rowdiest of pools. If Dad’s not too “rowdy” himself, just think of all the times you’ll be able to borrow it to hang out with your crazy friends. Just saying.


Tech Dad needs something that can adapt to all of the many things he likes to do. For that, there’s the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. The word “yoga” pretty much tells it all but if you really want to give Dad something flexible that won’t have Mom’s panties in a bunch, this is it. The Lenovo Yoga’s ergonomic design offers four different modes. The Hold mode with a specialized grip that shifts the center of gravity making it easier on the wrist. The Stand mode props the tablet up on a mini quick stand making it perfect for enjoying media. The third mode is Tilt and this gives the tablet a more natural angle for typing. The final mode is very unique for a table and one that if your Dad likes to cook or if he’s handy in the garage, he can watch video, his favorite tv shows or anything else his heart desires online. The Hang mode allows the user the convenience to hang it almost anywhere via the kickstand. From the kitchen to the gym to the office, if there’s a hook, this tablet can adapt.