Titan Comics Brings NBC’s Heroes Back To Print


Back in 2013, Dynamite Entertainment announced plans to revive Heroes as a comic book series written by Cullen Bunn that would pick up after the television show ended. While that project never materialized, Heroes is finally coming back to print.

Titan Comics has announced that it has the comic book rights for Heroes Reborn, the upcoming Heroes miniseries on NBC. To tie into Heroes Reborn, a new five issue Heroes comic miniseries will begin in October with writers Seamus Fahey & Zach Craley, and art by Rubine.

Fahey is a supervising producer of Heroes Reborn, and Titan Comics Publishing Director Chris Teather added that “Our new Heroes series is being created in close collaboration with the team behind the NBC show. These aren’t just comics; they’re bonus episodes!”

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Before Dynamite had and apparenly lost the Heroes license, DC/Wildstorm published collections of the Heroes web comics that were used to advance the storylines between episodes in addition to expanding upon the backstory of minor characters.

Heroes Reborn will air this fall on NBC.

Are there any Heroes fans out there? Let us know if you’re excited to see this franchise return as a comic book! We don’t have telepathy, so you’ll just have to use the comment section below!