Making Jurassic World’s Theme Park “Real” in 3D


Ahead of the release of Jurassic World this Friday (June 12th), RealD has released a short featurette highlighting how stereoscopic 3D technology has been used to actually complement the action onscreen, rather than being added in order to wring an extra few bucks out of moviegoers.

The video features interviews with the cast of the sequel, along with director Colin Trevorrow, who says that the use of 3D will make the adults in the audience “feel like they’re kids again.” Trevorrow added that his aim for the film was “to make sure that Jurassic World felt like a real place and in 3D, you feel like you’re there, up close with characters that we care about and when they’re put in danger you care about them that much more.”

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While we all suffered fatigue from 3D movies a long time ago, having failed to be thrilled with seeing Hollywood actors all up in our personal space the first time around, with Trevorrow having directed Jurassic World with the stereoscopic tech in mind, we’d like to believe that this will actually be an example of a movie in which we can safely opt for the pricier 3D tickets rather than the bog-standard-but-cheap(er) 2D ones.

Watch the featurette below: