Father’s Day 2015: Sunbrite TV Takes It All Outside

It’s not something just anyone would need, but the SunBriteTV line does what it’s designed to with absolute flying (HD) colors.

As the name makes clear enough, SunBriteTV builds television for outdoor use. Standard HDTVs (and other varieties of sets) are often washed out by direct or reflected sunlight. Especially treated for clear viewing in bright light, the SunBriteTV screen pumps out full HD 1080p LED images with enhanced brightness and image intensity for viewing outdoors.

There are two levels of SunBriteTV – the Signature Series and the Pro Series. The former is for outdoor use, but SumBriteTV reps recommend the Signature sets be installed outside of direct sunlight — under and awning, for example. The Pro Series are engineered with Enhanced Solar Tolerance (EST) technology “to protect the screen from isotropic black-out” while watching television. The Pro units are built for direct sunlight use.

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Obviously, a TV can’t sit outside and merely be bright enough to face off with the sun. It has to be weather resistant. Locked up tight with some seriously heavy, rugged construction (including a powder-coated aluminum exterior), SunBriteTV models can hold up against rain, snow, humidity and temperatures from below 40 degrees to up to 122 degrees F. Though wind, cold, dust, insect and water resistant, the TVs in question are not fully waterproof, so you can’t watch it from the bottom of your fool. So, it’s recommended complete idiots who might throw a TV in a pool shouldn’t purchase a SunBriteTV.

Of course, a SunBriteTV will also work perfectly well indoors. For viewers with windows facing sunrise or sunset rays, the SunBriteTV won’t wash out in high sun hours. It’s heavy, sturdy and stable with adequate speakers. SunBriteTV reps like to say it looks like a trendy, thin indoor LED TV, and it does from the business end. From the back, it looks like a sealed submarine bulkhead.

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, the quality SunBriteTV builds work just as well as many of the more familiar brands such as Sony, LG, Vizio, etc. But, the SunBriteTV weatherproofing and durability make them more expense to the tune of several hundred dollars per size. So, the sets appeal mainly to an aspirational, well-heeled buyer.

By design, SunBriteTV constructs its products for commercial use. For example, they’re aimed squarely at outdoor bars and restaurants, beachside attractions, hotels with outdoor pool lounges, outdoor stadiums, etc. The rest of the buyers will be high end luxury consumers looking to put a quality, large TV poolside in their backyards or out on their patios in warmer climates.