Father’s Day 2015: Class Up Dad with Napa Magic


It’s last minute Father’s Day. You’re a knob, and you forgot to get Dad something he’ll enjoy. Worse still, you’re invited over to the folks’ place for a little dinner or barbecue. What do you do?

I threw that question out to some of my publicist contacts, and one came back with perhaps the best, safest bet for any father — especially if he has a little big of sommelier in him. Grab a good bottle of wine. 

Walk past the “two buck chuck” and try something along the lines of a (…deep breath…) Beaulieu Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley ’12. Men and women with a more sensitive palette than I can boast describe it “with hints of violet, graphite and leather, which add complexity to the blackberry, cherry, blueberry and plum fruit expression.” Best of all, you can get out of the store alive with an MSRP of $20.

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The Beaulieu Vineyard Reserve Tapestry Red Blend Napa Valley ’11 has a more subtle taste and a tag of: $65

Beaulieu Vineyard Private Reserve Georges de Latour Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley ’11 (…That required two deep breaths…) is the most expensive player here at $135, and it carries “complex mineral and floral nuances in the deep fruit expression.” That’s obviously they’re words. If I tried to type phraseology like that, my fingers would cramp up from excessive pretense.

If you want to go a little more “cultish,” try something from the Whispering Angel line. The Provencal Winery sends it out and reintroduced the classic Château d’Esclans just this month.