Alton Towers Rollercoaster Ride Crashes Leaving Four Seriously Injured


If you’re one of those people who are terrified of rollercoasters and are sick to death of hearing people informing you that, actually, they’re really safe, and you’re just being a big ol’ ‘fraidy cat by refusing to be propelled upside down in the air above solid concrete, then refer them to this story: a ride at popular UK theme park has crashed, leaving four seriously injured.

The incident took place on the Smiler rollercoaster and involved two carriages – one empty and one containing 16 people – crashing into one another. According to the West Midlands Ambulance Service, four people have been injured and an air ambulance was called onto the scene in order to deal with the casualties.

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Alton Towers released a statement regarding the collision, saying: “There has been an incident on the Smiler this afternoon involving two carriages coming together on a low section of the track. One of the carriages was empty and the other had 16 guests in.


“The resort’s fully qualified first responders were on the scene immediately to assist with the evacuation which is ongoing, and the area has been closed to allow for access to emergency services vehicles.

“To ensure the safe and timely evacuation of guests, a platform is being constructed. This will take a few minutes but will enable us to proceed more quickly.

“There will be a full investigation once we have recovered the guests, who are our priority.”

The Smiler was first opened in May 2013, and Alton Towers boasts that it is the first 14-loop rollercoaster in the world. On the ride’s official website it states that it combines “optical illusions, blinding lights and near misses designed to mess with your mind!” 

Photo: Getty Images