Ahead of WWDC, Apple Focuses on Music, iOS 9, Siri Revamp


In a little more than a month, Apple will be hosting its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, California. The headlining story is that the Cupertino tech giant has major plans to reestablish itself as a music powerhouse, through a Beats Music revamp and likely integration into iTunes, coupled with a brand new music app and subscription service that places it in the same realm as Google Play Music All Access.

Aside from that major bullet point, it is beginning to look like iOS 9 “Monarch” will serve more as an incremental update, with minimal change to design or core OS functionality. Stability and performance updates are always appreciated on mobile devices, however, considering many of us place our very lives into our pocket computer overlords and would probably die a thousand deaths if we had to deal with software instability even occasionally.


One notable highlight is that Apple is apparently looking to transition Siri from its current look in iOS 8 to a version that more closely resembles that which is present in the Apple Watch, as seen above. It’s not much of a change overall, considering it’s essentially just adding a few more moving lines and some color, but OS cohesiveness between Watch and iPhone is an aesthetic decision that shouldn’t really surprise any Apple fan that knows how the company works. Siri looks great on the Apple Watch; it’s not a far-fetched idea that Apple is using its new wrist-mounted companion as a test bed for potential changes to its paired mothership.

(Via 9to5Mac)