Suit-Up for Your Sweetheart

You’re a man with a plan when it comes to Valentine’s Day. In fact, you’ve already wrapped your sweetheart’s gift (you’re so welcome­) and know exactly what you’re doing with her that night.

You don’t? Well then, even though you’re not a runner, you’re on the longest marathon of your life right about now. Good luck finding a restaurant with an open table. (Don’t worry – the pasta in your pantry might please, too).

But, really, whether you’re dining in or out isn’t the question. It’s getting her to eat her heart out at the sight of you. If you really want to make her melt this Valentine’s Day, chuck the chinos and get yourself into one of this season’s hottest suits.

Not that kind of suit, you Schlub. A stylish version that loses the Wallstreet and pulls in the sex appeal. We’re showing you how to get this kissable look so that you’re not walking around looking like Cupid’s arrow got stuck up your ass.

Keep it Casual Cool

Remember, you’re trying to score points with your date – not your company’s CEO. Which means you have to lose the stodgy to gain some style. Purchase matching pants and a jacket, but add a vibrant-colored shirt or one that is wash-and-wear, unbutton the second button and consider ditching the tie. Add a pair of old-school, white lace-up kicks (make sure they look new) and suddenly you’re a shoe-in with your love.

Check out Banana Republic’s Tailored-Fit Navy Italian Wool duo or go for something with a ton of personality like the Havana Grey Check from SUITSUPPLY. The key to wearing a patterned suit is to go solid on either the shirt or vest, and make sure you’re dealing with flat-front pants so there isn’t any billowing in the butt. If you’re looking for something in between, get some inspiration from Kenneth Cole’s Slim-Fit Pinstripe suit. A crisp white shirt underneath gives the tieless look some polish without the pomp.

Jump on a Jacket + Jeans

If you’re resigned to wearing jeans, make sure they’re dark and tailored. Add an oxford, possibly a tie and then pull on a blazer. Or slip on a sweater under the blazer for added style and warmth. Remember, a tailored jacket is music to your torso and will do a lot of the romancing for you.

Check out TOPMAN’S Harris Tweed Multi-Color Skinny Fit Blazer, Banana Republic’s Tailored Textured Navy Blazer or go super-stylish in Howe’s Top Down Two-Tone Blazer. These three options keep things fresh without the full-on dress-up fanfare.

Marry a Vest with Pants

You may want to give your blazer the night off and command her attention with a vest (just not the bulletproof variety). If your vest and pants is a solid matching pair, go bold with a bright plaid shirt; when sporting something like a black-and-white Houndstooth, there’s no question you’ll be eye candy in a pink shirt.

Check out GANT’S Sleeveless in Seattle wool vest with a button-front closure and welt pockets or Jos. A. Bank’s Black Tonal Paisley Vest when you’re going solid on the bottom. If you want to lighten things up a bit, purchase J. Crew’s Ludlow Suit Vest in Irish Linen.

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Whatever you do, just remember she’s expecting a little more high-style on the most romantic day of the year – even if you are staying in. Woo her with your wardrobe and she’ll be nibbling on more than just that box of chocolates come night’s end. Promise.



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