Lawyers Use Facebook to Target People Arrested for Drug Possession at Festivals


Lawyers in Sydney, Australia are using Facebook’s targeted advertising to sell their services to those who have potentially been busted by law enforcement for drug possession at festivals.

Australian firm LY Lawyers are attempted to appeal to more youthful demographic after they began pushing their ads to those who ‘Liked’ the Facebook page of Field Day, an Australian New Year’s Eve festival. A suggested post from LY Lawyers that will appear on the social networking site for those who have liked Field Day reads: “Busted with possession or supply of drugs at Field Day? Call Sydney’s best drug lawyers!”

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It’s an unorthodox target audience to appeal to, but considering that in January over 200 arrests were made at the festival for drug offences, LY Lawyers are certainly appealing to a sizable crowd.

Speaking to Mashable, the company’s principal lawyer Adam Ly said: “Everybody has the right to the best legal representation at an affordable price. These people have made a big mistake (and generally don’t make it again). They deserve to be given a second chance.”

Here’s the suggested post as it appears on Facebook:


This is certainly the most unusual implementation of Facebook’s targeted ads we’ve seen thus far, though LY Lawyers insist that they don’t condone drug usage, but rather believe that those who are arrested for drug possession deserve good legal representation. 

Photo: Getty Images