CES 2015: Mercedes-Benz F 015 Brings Luxury To Self-Driving Cars

The future is scary, if movies are anything to go by. People are going to fall deeply in love with their computer’s operating systems only to have them quietly plot the extinction of the human race once they become self aware. But maybe the new self-driving concept car from Mercedes-Benz is going to make the future a little bit safer – by taking road raging humans out of the driver’s seat once and for all.

Mercedes calls it the Mercedes F 015 or “Luxury in Motion”, and it’s one of the most futuristic concepts at this year’s CES. Guided by a variety of sensors, cameras, and radar detection, drivers can instantly become passengers, allowing the car to do the driving for you.

Driving a car is one of life’s greatest pleasures for some, so the car can still be driven when not in autonomous mode. But when it is, the Mercedes F015 tells everyone on the road to watch out, a CPU is at the wheel now, by lighting up the massive glowing LEDs in blue. At that point, the front seats can turn around and face the rear passengers to join them for a nice cup of tea — we’re talking Sci-Fi elegance here. Although I can’t imagine that — even when the technology becomes a reality in the year 2030 when Mercedes believes these’ll be road ready — I could ever take my eyes off the road, even if the car was doing the driving for me.

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Mercedes kicked off CES by taking the concept car for a spin down the Vegas strip, but the armada of cars encircling it shows that even Mercedes isn’t ready yet to fully trust the car to do the driving without a very dangerous and expensive hiccup. 

Still, laying your eyes on the Mercedes F 015 in person is about as good a glimpse into the future as you’re gonna get. You can see the concept car in action in the video below. Stick with CraveOnline for more from CES 2015.


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