Alec Baldwin Gives Love Advice in the Back of a Taxi


Alec Baldwin has started up a new web series in which he gives relationship advice to unsuspecting couples in the back of a cab.

According to Baldwin he’s an “internationally renowned relationship expert,” though given his questions, answers and responses are all fielded to him by SNL writer Paula Pell behind the scenes, we highly doubt that’s the case.

In the first episode Baldwin meets Corey and Francesca, who are surprised to see Alec Baldwin in the back of their cab (as you would be), but quickly open up to him about the details of their relationship. 

The next couple to take Baldwin’s “Love Ride,” Toby and Brian, give nicknames to each others’ favorite body parts and run the term heteronormative by the 30 Rock actor.

New episodes in the webseries will be available weekly on Above Average.