Edward Snowden Tells You to “Avoid Facebook, Google and Dropbox” If You Value Your Privacy

Edward Snowden has revealed which sites and services people should steer clear from if they value their privacy, with Facebook, Google and Dropbox being name-dropped by the NSA whistleblower.

In a remote interview conducted as part of the New Yorker festival, Snowden stated that users should “get rid of Dropbox” due to the service not supporting encryption (though Dropbox has actually gone on record stating that is not the case), and that both Facebook and Google are “dangerous services” that should be avoided.

Snowden also discussed the recent debate surrounding Apple’s decision to add further encryption methods to iOS 8, saying that it will not impede authorities in their investigations despite reports to the contrary. Snowden noted that law enforcement officials can still issue search warrants to obtain data from a suspect’s phone.

You can watch the full interview with Snowden below which, ironically, was held via a Google+ Hangout session.

Snowden has been in hiding in both China and Russia since blowing the lid off of the NSA’s surveillance tactics.


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