Leaked Video Shows Window 9’s Multi-Tasking in Action

A video allegedly showing off Windows 9’s multi-tasking capabilities has been leaked.

The video shows a much sharper desktop that combines the minimalist aesthetics of Windows 8 with the functionality of Windows 7, though its multi-tasking desktop will be immediately familiar to Linux users, who have had a similar setup with that OS for years now.

The video, leaked by German tech site WinFuture, shows the return of the Start Menu, which will help eradicate the problems users had with navigating the OS in Windows 8.

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Windows 8 featured a tile-based setup, which was more preferable to those with touch-screen monitors and devices and less suitable to those with a mouse and keyboard. It looks like that won’t be an issue with Windows 9, which features a far less cluttered UI.

Windows 9 will likely be unveiled at a Microsoft press event on Tuesday (September 30th). It is being speculated that the new OS will be available to Windows 8 users free of charge.