Windows 9 Could Be Free to Users When it Launches


Microsoft could be planning to switch all of its users to Windows 9, as it has been rumored that the upcoming OS will be free of charge to those who run Windows 8 and possibly lower.

Microsoft’s Indonesia President Andreas Diantoro allegedly said: “Users who have been using Windows 8 just need to do the update via his device,” concluding that it will be “installed automatically.” There’s no word on whether or not this will be applicable to those who run an earlier Windows operating system, but if that’s the case then the price of entry would surely be small regardless.

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Windows 9 is set to be formally unveiled at a press event this Tuesday (September 30th), with the new OS seeing the return of the Start Menu that was absent from Windows 8 along with the possible built-in integration of Cortana, Microsoft’s take on Apple’s Siri voice-recognition feature.

Given that Windows 8 was poorly received upon release (though its 8.1 update was met with a warmer reception from consumers) Microsoft will be looking to bring Windows 9 to as many homes as possible, so this is a great move on their behalf. Giving Windows 9 to Windows 8 users free of charge will ensure that a portion of its users will make the jump, and if the OS is sold at a lower price to those who run earlier versions of Windows, then many could be convinced into adopting the new operating system.