Wynwood Walls Forge Unique Miami Neighborhood

Wynwood Street in Miami is hope to countless artists who decorate their neighborhood.

It’s a familiar pattern: Take a rundown urban neighborhood full of abandoned building. Watch local artists move in for cheap residences and studio space. See the neighborhood slowly draw in new businesses, coffee houses, restaurants, etc., until the area is gentrified and upscale enough to drive the artists out again with high rents. Finally, those same artists find another burgh and start it all over again.

Legend has it that process started in Miami’s Wynwood Street region a few years ago. Except there was a twist. In Wynwood’s case, the artists stayed and were allowed to decorate the exteriors of their buildings — forging the most unique neighborhood in the country.

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It seems like an obvious, though brilliant move by city authorities and building owners. Confronted by an eyesore region of the city filled with skilled, creative young people, why not unleash them with the artistic freedom to make their warehouse, shop or studio completely their own, inside and out?

To see the stunning results, you can take a brief tour down Wynwood Street in the gallery below: