Messing ‘Around’ with the HP Pavilion x360

hpIt seems that HP had one main strategy when building a device to take on Apple's laptops and tablets: Be everything they are separately in one device – while doing what they can't. 

The HP Pavilion x360 is a convertible device that serves as both laptop and tablet, depending on how the user sets it up on the fly. The "360" in its name refers to the attached, hinged keyboard that can wheel around and serve as a stand for viewing the tablet screen.

We had a chance to test the HP Pavilion x360 to see if it's worth its $399.99 price tag. The Windows-based device feels sturdy out of the box and sets up to working status quickly. For those laptop users used to using a touchpad or wireless mouse to use their computer, adapting to a touchscreen-based operating system can be a challenge. Beyond that, the interphase is intuitive.

The HP Pavilion x360 comes with BeatsAudio dual speakers for music playback, an HP TrueVision HD webcam for online chats and internal storage you can bump up to 750 GBs. It comes loaded with the essential software elements, and a visit to the interlinked app store can add the latest and greatest.

When you consider that you can't even sniff an Apple laptop for double the HP Pavilion's price, with a maxed out iPad costing more than $400 on its own, the x360 is a bargain.

The only question the buyer has to consider is how comfortable he or she is with the Windows-based OS in place of the ever-present Apple iOS. If that works for all parties concerned, it's hard to find fault with the x360 from any angle.