Take A Flight Through Florence’s 130 MPH Winds In This Hurricane Hunter Time-Lapse Footage

Hurricane Florence is ramping up to become one of the biggest natural disasters of the decade. With winds exceeding 130 miles per hour, its trajectory aimed directly at Virginia is expected to cause biblical flooding, toxic sludge, and lagoons of pig manure.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) flew its WP-3D Hurricane Hunter through Florence earlier today to gather reconnaissance. Its worst fears were realized, and they have the video footage to prove it.

In the video below you can see time-lapse footage of inside Florence where its colossal size houses gale force winds. Halfway through the video, you can get a look at the eye of the storm where the sun gazes through a perfectly normal looking sky.

The Hurricane Hunter is an impressive piece of technology. The four-engine turboprop plane is used specifically to gather data on incoming storms, including pressure, temperature, and wind direction. Nearly a year ago it measured the infamous Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

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Below is the latest map of Florence’s trajectory as of noon on September 11th. It could deviate slightly, but it’s looking like South Carolina and especially Virginia are going to suffer the brunt of its attack.

Hurricane Florence map.

Evacuations have been recommended in counties throughout Florence’s path, and North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has called for residents not to try to ride out the storm in their home as it’s considered extremely unsafe.