Cuff Off: So What Exactly Is ‘Cuffing Season’?

Alas, summer is gone. My favorite season of sun, sand, and bikinis is on it’s way out. Leaves are starting to turn, and soon enough, the slew of Holidays which makes the second half of the year go so fast is upon us. The surge of loneliness can hit singles hard this time of year – after all, the holidays are made for coupling.

It’s been ingrained in our system that we’re missing out if we don’t have someone to spend major holidays with…a Thanksgiving date, a New Years kiss, a Valentine. Someone to snuggle under a warm blanket with mulled wine or hot cocoa. Someone soft and lovely to keep us warm through the not so pleasant parts of the end of the year. Someone you choose during…Cuffing Season.

Advice: Am I Too Poor To Propose???

So what’s Cuffing Season? It’s not as sexual as it sounds. Autumn into winter is the time of year being single can get to the best of us. But Cuffing Season puts an end the existential dread associate with being single during the holidays. It’s the time from September to November when you speed date your way to being in a relationship. In short, it’s when you pick the person you want date through the holidays with the intention of seeing if you can make it through the approaching stress of Valentine’s Day.

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Basically, Cuffing Season is when you pick that “special someone” so you don’t have to roll into Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years dateless. The end goal obviously is to take them from Ms. Right Now to Ms. Right by Valentine’s Day. Because of this, Cuffing Season is sort of like the training wheels of the dating world. If you and your newly minted significant other make it through the winter, the stress of holidays and Valentine’s Day…perhaps it’s love after all.

In a 2015 poll released by the dating app Hinge, showed a surge of people looking for relationships during winter months. Men are more likely to actively look for a partner, as are women… with 15% of men and 5% of women aiming to couple up when it’s cold outside. So, if you’re looking to spend the holidays with a special someone…there couldn’t be a more opportune time to do it.

But, don’t be pushy. If you’re looking for love for reasons limited to seasonal activities, then heartache could be lurking right around the corner. Practically speaking, it may be better to feel lonely during holidays than burnout from forced intimacy. Obviously, this decision is up to you, but it’s a pick your poison sort of thing.

Sex: It’s Good For…Staying Alive

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If you’re looking for something that will last, it’s worth questioning who you’re coupling up with and why you want to be with them. Is it temporary companionship you seek or is the looming sorrow of spending the holidays alone more than you can bare to handle. Like the Beatles said, “All you need is love.” Humans aren’t made to live a life of solitude. Through ups and downs, highs and lows, we choose love because it it fulfills a biological imperative to procreate…aka because the sex is good…hopefully.

Drop a comment and let us know — Do you feel the vibes of loneliness a little harder come winter? Do you join in the cuffing season games? In fact, do you think these relationships that start due to that reason can last? We look forward to your feedback.